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Welcome to 223B Baker Street!

The debut of Sherlock Holmes in the pages of The Strand magazine introduced one of fiction’s most memorable heroes. Arthur Conan Doyle’s spellbinding tales of mystery and detection and Holmes’ deep friendship with Dr. Watson touched the hearts of fans worldwide, inspiring imitations, parodies, songs, art, even erotica, that continue to be produced and avidly enjoyed today.

Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 collects 40 pieces published during the middle phase of Conan Doyle’s life. Some were written by schoolboys, reporters,doctors, and other amateurs, but many professional writers turned out stories, such as “Banjo” Paterson, Max Beerbohm, Lincoln Steffens, Jacques Futrelle, Maurice Leblanc, and “Charlie Chan” creator Earl Derr Biggers. We‘ve also included the stories’ original art and over 270 footnotes identifying obscure words, historical figures, and events that readers were familiar with then but are forgotten today.

Peschel Press’ 223B Casebook Series — named because they’re “next door” to the original stories — is dedicated to publishing the fanfiction created by amateur and professional writers during Conan Doyle’s lifetime.

Table of Contents

(Links take you to the story posted at Planetpeschel.com. In many cases, the introductions there have been rewritten and expanded for book publication.)

Illustration from "The Great Suit Case Mystery" by Jacques Futrelle.

Illustration from “The Great Suit Case Mystery” by Jacques Futrelle.

The Unmasking of Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Chapman
The Last of Sherlock Holmes / A.B. “Banjo” Paterson
Sherlock Holmes’ Daughter / H.H. Ballard
At the St. James’s Theatre / Max Beerbohm
Mr. Dooley Discusses College Athletics / Earl Derr Biggers
The Mystery of the Missing Man / Anonymous
The Return of Padlock Bones / “Not by Conan A. Doyle, Sir.”
The Questionable Parentage of Basil Grant / “R. Bostoun Cromer” (D.K. Broster and M. Croom Brown)
The Adventure of the Society Dame / Nathan M. Adams
The Succored Beauty / William B. Kahn
The Great Suit Case Mystery / Jacques Futrelle
Moriarty’s Return / T. Arnold Johnston
The Missing Golf Balls / Wex Jones
The Humility of Holmes / Frank Richardson
Sherlock Holmes / Harry Graham
The Adventure of the Diamond Necklace / George F. Forrest
The Land of the Wonderful Co / Walter Kayess


Sherlock Holmes Umpires Baseball / Anonymous
A Hitherto Unrecorded Conversation Between Dr. Watson and Mr. Herlock Sholmes / S.T. Ewart
Lord Sheffield’s Mascot: An Australian Adventure of Sherlock Holmes / A.R.B.
The Adventure of the Dorrington Ruby Seal / John Kendrick Bangs
The Asbestos Society of Sinners / Lawrence Daniel Fogg


A Sherlock Holmes Understudy / Samuel Hopkins Adams
Sheerluck Jones, or The Encyclopaedia Britannica / E.S. Blair
How Sherlock Holmes Caught Raffles / Maurice Smiley
Sherlock Holmes, Witness / Donald R. Richberg
Hurlock Shoams—One of His Adventures / “Sir Arthur Cannon Ball”
A Notable Interlude / Bernard E.J. Capes
Sherlock Holmes in Russia / Maurice Baring
The Great Detective Who Unearthed Things / Frank E. Kellogg

Illustration from "Mickey Sweeney, Detective of Detectives" by Lincoln Steffens

Illustration from “Mickey Sweeney, Detective of Detectives” by Lincoln Steffens

A Pragmatic Enigma / “A. Conan Watson, M.D.” (John Kendrick Bangs)
By His Left Eyelashes / Anonymous
Mickey Sweeney, Detective of Detectives / Lincoln Steffens
Ballade of Baker Street / Carolyn Wells
By a Hair / Jean Giraudoux
Sherlock Holmes in Perth: The Case of the Straw-Street Boarding-House / “Watson’s Under-study”
The Weirdly Thrilling Adventure of the Lost Bathing Suit / L.C. Hopkins
Holmlock Shears Opens Hostilities / Maurice Leblanc

Illustration from "The Coming Back of Shedlock Combs"

Illustration from “The Coming Back of Shedlock Combs”

Mr. Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Drugged Golfers / Bertram Atkey
The Coming Back of Shedlock Combs / “Woctor Dotson”
The Detective / W.W. Denslow