Suburban Stockade Out as Ebook

I hate being late to my own rodeo, but better late than never.

Last week, we released “Suburban Stockade” as a Kindle ebook. It’s exclusive to Amazon, so that we could put it into Kindle Unlimited. The trade paperback has been out for a month, and we set up Kindle Match so that if you bought the book, you can get the ebook for free.

In addition, until June 10, the ebook version is priced at 99 cents. After that, it’ll go up to $4.99. Only people who visit the website and who are on our mailing list will get to take advantage of the sale price.

I also wrote a brief post for my Planetpeschel site after, in a bit of synchronicity, an observation on “Welcome to Night Vale” correlated strongly to Teresa’s introduction in the book.

We’ll have more to talk about later. For now, the work goes on, with ads on Amazon, finishing the book page on the Press’ website, and moving on to fresh projects.