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Welcome to 223B Baker Street!

The debut of Sherlock Holmes in the pages of The Strand magazine introduced one of fiction’s most memorable heroes. Arthur Conan Doyle’s spellbinding tales of mystery and detection, along with Holmes’ deep friendship with Doctor Watson, touched the hearts of fans worldwide, and inspired imitations, parodies, songs, art, even erotica, that continues to this very day.

sherlock holmes victorian parodies and pastiches

Illustration from “The Adventure of the Child’s Perambulator” from Puck magazine, 1895.

“Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899” collects more than 60 pieces — short stories, poems, newspaper clippings, and cartoons — all published during the opening years of Conan Doyle’s literary career. Also included are much of the original art and more than 150 footnotes identifying obscure words, historical figures, and events that readers were familiar with at the time.

Peschel Press’ 223B Casebook series — named because they’re “next door” to the original stories — is dedicated to publishing the fanfiction created by amateur and professional writers during Conan Doyle’s lifetime. Each book covers an era, publication, or writer, and includes lively mini-essays containing insights into the work, Conan Doyle, and those who were inspired by him.

Table of Contents

(Links take you to the story posted at In many cases, the introductions there have been rewritten and expanded for book publication.)

Hampshire on Stilts / Anonymous


My Evening with Sherlock Holmes / J.M. Barrie

An Interrupted Honeymoon / “A. Cone and Oil” (Charles C. Rothwell)
The Yellow Cockroach / “A. Cone and Oil” (Charles C. Rothwell)
The Great Pegram Mystery / “Luke Sharp” (Robert Barr)
A Study in Red / “A. Donan Coyle” (A. Dewar Willock)
The Real Sherlock Holmes / Anonymous
The Adventures of Shylock Oams: The Sign of Gore / F.W. Freeman

The Mystery of the Spot Ball / “C”
The Adventure of the Two Collaborators / J.M. Barrie
The Duke’s Feather / R.C. Lehmann
Ideal Interview: Sherlock Holmes / “Anyhow”
The Adventures of Chubblock Homes / Jack Butler Yeats
Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Box / Anonymous
The Man Who “Bested” Sherlock Holmes / Joseph Baron
The Late Sherlock Holmes / J.M. Barrie

The Last Letter from Sherlock Holmes / Anonymous
The Adventure of the Table Foot / “Zero” (Allan Ramsay)
The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes / Richard Morton and H.C. Barry
The Adventure of the Tomato on the Wall / “Ka”
The Identity of Miss Angela Vespers / “Ka”
The Recrudescence of Sherlock Holmes / Frank Marshall White
The Sign of the ‘400’ / R.K. Munkittrick
On the Threshold of the Chamber of Horrors / Montgomery Carmichael
Impressions of Sherlock Holmes / Anonymous
Round the Pink Pill-Box / “Castor Oyle”
The Old Age of Holmes / “Howard Fielding” (Charles Witherle Hooke)
A Modern Miranda / “Peter Pericarp”

Mrs. Dr. Sherlock Holmes / Anonymous
A Trip to the Country (Later renamed “A La Sherlock Holmes”) / Charles Loomis
The Genius of Herlock Sholmes / Anonymous
The Adventure of the Child’s Perambulator / “Another Conan Doyle” (Charles Loomis)
The Reappearance of Sherlock Holmes / Roy L. McCardell
An Amateur Detective / Anonymous

The Sherlock Holmes Theory / Percie W. Hart
He Solves Another / Anonymous
Another Mystery Solved / Anonymous
The Field Bazaar / Arthur Conan Doyle
The Röntgen-Ray-der / “Mr. M—”
Another Victory for Herlock Shomes / William Henry Siviter

How He Did It / Anonymous
Perspicacity of Herlock Sholmes / Anonymous
The $10,000 Robbery / Anonymous
A Nineteenth Century Miracle / “Z.Z.” (Louis Zangwill)
Holmes and the Startled Banker / Anonymous
The Fatal Gas Bill / Anonymous
One Against Our Old Friend Sherlock / Anonymous
Met His Match / Anonymous
Holmes As Newspaper Filler / Anonymous
The Stranger Unravels a Mystery / John Kendrick Bangs

Mr. Punch’s ‘Animal Land’ / E.T. Reed
Misadventures of Sheerluck Gnomes / T.P. Stafford
Lady Honiton’s Diamonds / Maitland Leroy Osborne

The Mystery of Pinkham’s Diamond Stud / John Kendrick Bangs
Sherlock Holmes Again / John Kendrick Bangs
Sherlock Holmes’ Latest Triumph / Charles Joseph Colton
Another from Sherlock Holmes / Charles Joseph Colton