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Sherlock Holmes in a World Approaching War

“Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches I: 1910-1914” collects 43 pieces — short stories, poems, and cartoons — published during this stage of Conan Doyle’s literary career. Also included are much of the original art and more than 340 footnotes identifying obscure words, historical figures, and events that readers were familiar with at the time.

Peschel Press’ 223B Casebook series — named because they’re “next door” to the original stories — is dedicated to publishing the fanfiction created by amateur and professional writers during Conan Doyle’s lifetime. Each book covers an era, publication, or writer, and includes lively mini-essays containing insights into the work, Conan Doyle, and those who were inspired by him.

Sherlock Bones, Editor / Anonymous
Detective Work on the Ferry / “Herlock Sholmes”
Sherlock Holmes / “Uncle Walt” (Walt Mason)
Sherlock Holmes Redivivus / “A. Cannon Doily”
Surelock Homes’ Waterloo / George M. Johnson
Sherlocko the Monk / Gus Mager
The Adventure of the Rubber Pipe / E.J. Line and George Soper
Herlock’s One Mistake / Henry A. Hering
Why I Jilted Nan / Helen Gillespie

sherlocko the monk

Read how the Marx Brothers got their names through “Sherlocko the Monk.”

The Mystery of the Missing Pawn / H.T. Dickinson
The Return of Herlock Sholmes: The Case of the Missing Name Plates / “A. Donan Coyle”
In Baker Street / Ralph Bingham
From the Diary of Sherlock Holmes / Maurice Baring
Holmes’ Untold Adventure / Thomas J. Gray
The Adventure of the Lost Manuscripts / Edmund L. Pearson
The Sleuths / O. Henry
The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes / O. Henry
Maddened by Mystery: or, The Defective Detective / Stephen Leacock
The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted / Arthur Whitaker
Sparks from the Troubleman’s Department / L.A. Robbins
The Duchess of Quinton’s Diamonds / Frank Richardson
M(ainly) A(bout) D(uchesses) / Frank Richardson

The Adventure of the Mona Lisa / Carolyn Wells
The Death of Sherlock Holmes / Anonymous
Sure Way to Catch Every Criminal. Ha! Ha! / Carolyn Wells
The Mystery of the Missing Shirt / A.E. Swoyer
Sherlock Holmes Jr. Locates a Bomb Thrower / Robert Sidney Smith
The Arsene Lepine-Herlock Soames Affair / S. Beach Chester

The Adventure of the Lost Baby / Carolyn Wells
The Mystery of the Three Grey Pellets / “Not by Sherlock Holmes” (Laurence Kirk)
Sherlock Holmes and the Drood Mystery / Edmund L. Pearson
The Episode of the Bold Bad Undergraduate and the Postage Stamps / “P”
Latest-Desiccated Detective Stories, Boiled to the Bone / “A. Conning Goil”
How the Great Detective-Editor Solves a Chinese Murder Mystery / “Ole Doc Watson”
Raggs’ Weekly Letter / Anonymous
Some Adventures of Mr. Surelock Keys / Herbert Beeman
The Indiscretions of Dr. Carstairs / “A. De O.”

Sherlock awaits a new case in “The Adventure of the Lost Baby” by Carolyn Wells.

The Adventure of the Strange Sound / Murray Marble
Sherlock Holmes Solves Mystery of Missing Platinum at University / “Boswell Whatson”
The Mystery of the Elastic Band / Anonymous
The Mystery of the Acetylene Lamp / Anonymous
Three Timelock Foams Stories / Wex Jones
The Terrors of War / N.R. Martin