Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Has Got Brass Balls

At PlanetPeschel is my review of “Pride’s Children: Purgatory,” an unconventional romance novel by my fellow commenter at “The Passive Voice,” Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt.

I had been promising to review it, and had a draft on my desk for several weeks, but now she’s dropped the price of the Kindle book to $2.99 for a limited time. The book’s more than 450 pages long, and I slowly worked my way through it, so I had to get on the stick and push it out.

So what do I mean by unconventional? The heroine is a) older, b) suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, and c) writes literary novels for a living. The book opens with an announcement of her sudden wedding, and over three books Ehrhardt tells us how it happened.

Yes, three books. Look, I kept trying to say this nicely, in the calm, measured, chin-stroking fashion of a magazine book reviewer. And every time I did, the review died.

So pardon me for cutting loose a bit, but I really liked “Pride’s Children: Pugatory.” I loved getting inside the heads of Kary, Andrew, and Bianca. I loved being on the movie set. I loved seeing them figure what they wanted and how to get it. I really didn’t mind that the first book reached an endpoint, but still needs two more books to tell the rest of the story.

It’s unlike the majority of romances on the market. So find out more about “Pride’s Children: Purgatory” at Planetpeschel, then check out the Kindle version at Amazon, and see if you like this kind of book

But check it out now, because it won’t stay at $2.99 forever.